Online Gentle Yoga Classes & Private Sessions

Whether you're new to yoga or nurturing an existing practice, I will guide you through an embodied experience that supports living in balance & harmony.

We will explore how meditation, relaxation, mindful movement & yoga can be integrated in ways to  create feelings of joy through breath work and movement. Together we will build trust & community. 

 Gentle Yoga Flow & Guided Meditation

Created to soften & release tension found in the body, this 60-minute class offers a short centering with intention-setting & pranayama breath work. Beginning with a reclined & guided meditation, we access points in the body where tension and/or discomfort may be held.

With the use of props, gentle warming stretching, we generate heat and encourage flexibility in the muscles & joints. This is followed by our supportive asana practice guided by verbal clues as adjustments.

We will  access the energy moving through the body by using breath & movement to create a vinyasa flow. Once completed, we end our practice as we began, with a guided meditation in savasana.

 Private Gentle Yoga Flow & Guided Meditation

For this offering, we ask you to commit to finding a quiet place to receive the full benefit of your practice. Blankets, pillows, books, cushions, a belt & a yoga mat is all you need to have on hand for props & modifications. Meditation techniques are offered to prepare the mind-body for stillness. Each class is 60-minutes in duration. Additional minutes may be extended as per request.

  Restorative Yoga Practice

Restorative Yoga Practice offers 5-7 postures supported by props, that allow you to completely rest & relax. Held for 5-minutes, the poses include gentle seated forward bends, soft twists & simple backbends. Each class is 45-minutes in duration.

Please have 2 blankets or large towels, 2 pillows or a yoga bolster, an eye pillow, books or blocks & a yoga mat.

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