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Sound Bath Meditation

A Sound Bath Meditation guides you through a peaceful relaxed state with the ambient sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls & Koshi Wind Chimes, which mimic the 4 elemental melodies: air, earth, fire & water.

Each session is practiced in savasana. Available for private, small group & corporate wellness upon request. This 45-minute class is an excellent way to release stress & promote deep relaxation.

Chakra  Meditation

A Chakra Meditation is practiced to develop spiritual awareness, promote healing & release stress. The chakras are subtle energy centers that line the body from below the feet to above the head. Each of the major 7 chakras govern the different aspects of our emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing. Practice includes using crystals for healing & balance.

This 45-minute session offers an overall sense of well-being, increases energy & provides a sense of peace.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a systematic deep relaxation practice offered to reclaim the breath, observe, sense & experience all parts of the body. This meditation encourages deep rest, transformation & self-awareness.

This 45-minute practice is done in savasana.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is an embodied & contemplative practice that cultivates a sense of self-awareness, freedom & relaxation. Available for small group, corporate & wellness workshops. No prior dance experience necessary.

This 60-minute practice includes journal writing & self-inquiry reflection.

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